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What do I have to consider when resetting a FRITZ!Box at the factory?

You must take this into account when setting up a FRITZ!Box.

Attention: A factory reset is only necessary in exceptional cases!

You can reset the FRITZ!Box to the factory settings via the user interface or with the help of a telephone, thus restoring the factory settings.

For example, you can delete unsuitable settings that prevent the FRITZ!Box from functioning correctly.

When resetting to the factory settings, all settings made in the FRITZ!Box will be deleted!

Please prepare all access data beforehand. You will find the easybell access data for DSL and telephony in our customer portal.

Option A: Load factory settings via user interface

Click System, and click “Reset”.

Option B: Load factory settings with telephone

Make sure that the telephone in your FRITZ!Box is set up under telephony/telephony devices. Tone dialling must be activated. It is not possible to reset the FRITZ!Box to factory settings with an IP telephone!

  1.  Call up the user interface of the FRITZ!Box.
  2. If you have password-protected access to the user interface:
  3. Enter the password and click “Login”.
  4. Or: Click on “Reset” below the password prompt and follow the instructions. (If you do not enter a password, you must first disconnect the FRITZ!Box from the mains for a short time and then reconnect it, since you can only reset it in this way within the first 10 minutes after a restart).
  5. Switch to the “Factory settings” tab and click “Load factory settings”.
  6. Answer the question “Should the factory settings be restored?” with “OK”.
  7. Enter #991*15901590* on the telephone and press the call key (lift handset).
  8. Replace the handset after approx. 3 seconds.
  9. Now the FRITZ!Box is reset to the factory settings and then restarted. It can take up to 5 minutes until the FRITZ!Box is reachable again.