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I have a FRITZ!Box and problems with faxing. What can I do?

We will show you how to deactivate the standard protocol T.38 in your FRITZ!Box.

T.38 should be used as the default protocol for faxing. This protocol is no longer supported by many providers. Therefore, please deactivate T.38 in your FRITZ!Box in order to be able to fax reliably.

How to deactivate T.38

  1.     Enter “” in your browser
  2.     Enter the password of your FRITZ!Box.
  3.     Select “Telephony” from the menu and then “Own numbers”.
  4.     Switch to the “Connection settings” tab.
  5.     Under the heading “Language Packs” you will find the checkbox “Fax transmission also with T.38”. Please uncheck this box.
  6.     Then click on “Apply”.

Please also make sure that you are using the latest firmware.

Now you should be able to fax without any problems.

If there are still problems with the fax transmission, please send us a concrete example for the technical analysis. You will find the relevant data for our technicians in this article.