In most cases it is sufficient to set up the access data for your easybell phone number via Telephony/Internet telephony in a FRITZ!Box as described in our instructions.

In some cases, however, especially with branded routers, it may be necessary to check the “Erweiterte Einstellungen” (“Advanced settings”) via Telephony/Internet telephony. Make sure that you have set your FRITZ!Box to “Ansicht : Experte” (“View: Expert”) to see all options.

This manual is for FRITZ!Boxes with firmware xx.04.86 to xx.05.05.

Many models have now been equipped with a newer firmware. For security reasons, we recommend that you always use the latest firmware.

The following settings are correct:

  • Check the box „Portweiterleitung des Internet-Routers für Internettelefonie aktiv halten” (“Keep port forwarding of the Internet router active for Internet telephony“).
  • Keep port forwarding active every 30 seconds.

These functions are only available if you operate your FRITZ!Box as an IP client behind another router or modem. The setting is not necessary for every configuration, but if you have activated these functions, you can be sure that port forwarding works.

  • Location information: Germany
  • Country code 00 49
  • Area code: Your area code
  • No check mark for pauses in speech detection
  • Option „Wählen Sie hier aus, wie Telefongespräche die Bandbreite der DSL-Verbindung ausnutzen” (“Select here how telephone calls use the bandwidth of the DSL connection”):

Selection: „immer Sprachkodierung mit Festnetzqualität verwenden” (“Always use voice coding with fixed network quality“).

In the vast majority of cases, the option “automatic selection of speech coding” also works with this selection. However, we recommend that you always use “fixed line quality voice coding” to make sure that you always use the g.711 codec we support.

  •     Marking language packages (Type of Service)

Leave it at the value 0 in both text fields.

  •     Usually: No check mark for “Use another connection for Internet telephony via DSL (PVC)”.

This function is activated on some branded routers (e.g. from O2). If this function is activated, telephony via easybell does not work.

If you have problems with the voice quality and use an easybell ADSL connection, you can also activate the PVC. An instruction is linked below.

  •     No check mark for “Use VLAN for Internet telephony”.

If you have problems with voice quality and use an easybell VDSL connection, you can activate VLAN 8. Instructions on how to do this are linked below.

  •     No check mark for “Fax transmission also with T.38”.

easybell supports T.38, but this protocol is no longer supported by other providers, especially Deutsche Telekom. You should therefore always remove this hook in the meantime. The faxes will then be reliably transmitted via the ISDN Codex g.711.