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How to use TAPI features with your cloud PBX

In this article we explain how the TAPI connection of the Cloud Telefonanlage (Cloud PBX) can be realized. A step-by-step guide shows you which settings are necessary to use the function.

Via the AMI interface of the easybell Cloud Telefonanlage (Cloud PBX) and the PhoneSuite TAPI for Asterisk, you can control the TAPI functions of your Windows PC. The following instructions show how to activate the AMI interface in the PBX and how to set up the PhoneSuite TAPI for Asterisk. The PhoneSuite is configured separately for each computer used.

Note: If you have questions regarding the connection of the PhoneSuite TAPI driver to a specific CRM, please contact PhoneSuite directly via There you can also find articles regarding the setup of CRM software to the PhoneSuite TAPI driver.


System requirements:

  1. an installed easybell Cloud Telefonanlage
  2. a static, public IP
  3. PhoneSuite TAPI for Asterisk (can be tested for 30 days free of charge, thereafter chargeable)

Configuration of the TAPI function:

  1. Activate the TAPI function in the easybell Cloud Telefonanlage.

    1. Open the “Connectivity” sub-item in the advanced settings of the telephone system and activate the AMI interface by checking the “Activate” checkbox. Your user name and password will appear, which you will need later to set up the PhoneSuite.
    2. Now enter in the “IP Whitelist” the IPs of the computers that are to access the AMI interface with the PhoneSuite. It is important that you enter the public IP address that is displayed on the page, for example.

      Note: The computers and telephones that are to communicate with each other later via the AMI interface must operate in the same network. If this is not possible, the IPs of the computers AND the telephones must be stored in the “IP whitelist”.

    3. After you have entered all necessary IPs in the whitelist, click on “Save”.

  2. Install “PhoneSuite TAPI for Asterisk”.

  3. Open the PhoneSuite you just installed and click “Configure” ( „Konfigurieren“).

    Tapi Konf 03

  4.  In the “Configuration” („Konfiguration“) menu, click on the “Settings” („Einstellungen“) button at the top right.

    Tapi Konf 04

  5. Make the following settings in the “Asterisk Server” menu:or:

    1. Alias: enter a unique name here

    2. Server Type: Asterisk Manager

    3. IP address (IP-Adresse):

    4. Port: 5039

    5. Authentication (Authentifizierung): manager.conf

    6. User name (Nutzername): Your user name from the settings of the “AMI interface” („AMI-Schnittstelle“) in the “Advanced settings” („Erweiterten Einstellungen“) of the cloud telephone system.

    7. Password (Passwort):  Your password from the “AMI Interface” („AMI-Schnittstelle“) settings in the “Advanced Settings” („Erweiterten Einstellungen“) of the Cloud PBX.

    8. Now click on “Connect” („Verbinden“) and then on “OK”. 

      Tapi Konf 05

  6. You will be redirected to the “Configuration” („Konfiguration“) window. Click on the “Scan...” button at the bottom right to scan the end devices of your Cloud PBX.

    Tapi Konf 06

  7. In the window “Scan Asterisk Extensions” („Scan Asterisk Nebenstellen“), after you have clicked the button („Verfügbare Nebenstellen der Asterisk Anlage scannen“). Scan “available extensions of Asterisk PBX”, the end devices of your Cloud PBX are automatically listed.

  8. Check the checkbox that you want to control via the PhoneSuite.

    Tapi Konf 08

  9. Click “Apply” („Übernehmen“) below the table and close the window by clicking “OK”.

  10. You will now return to the “Configuration” („Konfiguration“)  window, the status can now already be “Connected and logged in” („Verbunden und angemeldet“) . Click on “Settings” („Einstellungen“) at the bottom left.

    Tapi Konf 09

  11. In “Asterisk TAPI Line - Configuration” („Asterisk TAPI Line – Konfiguration“) make the following settings: 

    1. Your phone number: Here you determine which phone number is to be displayed to the recipient for outgoing calls via the computer (CLIP no screening). Please note that this phone number overwrites any different setting in the easybell customer portal.

    2. Your name: Determines which name is shown in the recipient's display for internal calls.

      Note: It is mandatory to check “Context” and select the setting “from-internal” in the dropdown menu. If the setting is not selectable, please enter “from-internal” in the dropdown menu yourself.

    3. After you have made all the settings, click OK.

      Tapi Konf 10

  12. You will now return to the “Configuration” („Konfiguration“). The “state” („Zustand“) of the server should now be “Connected and logged in” („Verbunden und angemeldet“). If this is not the case, please click on “Connect” („Verbinden“). As soon as “Connected and logged in” („Verbunden und angemeldet“) is displayed under "Status” („Zustand“), your computer is connected to the AMI interface of the cloud telephone system.

    Finally click on “OK” to close.

    Tapi Konf 11

Now it is possible to initiate outgoing telephone calls on your device via your PC, for example via business cards in Microsoft Outlook. If you have any questions regarding the compatibility of PhoneSuite with other software, please contact the developers of PhoneSuite.

Testing the TAPI function with the help of the Windows “Dialer”.

Note: For some Windows systems it may be necessary to define your own location. To do this, please open the “Phone and Modem” („Telefon und Modem“) settings and edit the “Own Location” („Eigenen Standort“).

  1. Location name (Standortname): Please enter a unique name here.
  2. Country/Region (Land/Region): Germany
  3. Area code (Ortskennzahl): the valid area code in national format (e.g. 030 for Berlin).

    Afterwards, please accept the settings by clicking on “OK”.

    Win Standort
  1. Open the Microsoft “Dialing Help” („Wählhilfe“).

    Tapi Konf 12
  2. Click “Tools > Connect via...”(„Extras -> Verbinden über...“) in the menu bar of the program.

    Tapi Konf 13
  3. In the window “Connect via” („Verbinden über“) select the line to be tested and confirm the selection with “OK”.

    Tapi Konf 14
  4. Now you can enter a phone number in the “Dialing help” („Wählhilfe“) and make a call to it with “Enter”.

    Tapi Konf 15

Your test phone/softphone will ring first. As soon as you accept this call, the connection to the destination phone number will be established. If you want to adjust this behavior so that the “incoming” call is accepted automatically, please enquire about the required setting options in your device/softphone. The required function is often called “Intercom” or “Automatic answer”. Unfortunately, the designation varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and can therefore be found in the respective documentation.