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How do I use already existing easybell phone numbers in my Cloud Telefonanlage?

In the following article, we explain how to use already existing easybell phone numbers in your Cloud Telefonanlage.

To transfer already existing easybell phone numbers to the Cloud Telefonanlage, you can use the following steps in your customer portal.

Please notice, that already existing cloud accounts and settings will be deleted by a switch of mode!

1.Click “Manage phone numbers”.

Rufnummern 1

2. Have a look at our screenshot: Here you can see that the first number has been already transferred to the Cloud Telefonanlage. The mode is called “PBX” (blue button). The second one hasn’t been transferred yet, so it’s in the same mode like yours: the trunk, blue button signed with “Trunk”. Please click the blue button to adapt the mode.

Rufnummerrrr 2

3. Another interface opens. Here you can choose the PBX mode. 

Rufnummern 3

4. Please click “Apply”. The chosen phone number is now in the mode of PBX. You can see it in the overview now.