We save your phone connection

Many customers are concerned about the security of their connections when using IP-based telephony. And indeed, telephone systems and VoIP providers are regularly targeted by hackers. Preferred calls made abroad will be billed at the expense of the customer who has been attacked: The hacker and the person called abroad share the resulting fees. For example, with 1 € per minute and two telephone lines, fraudsters could earn just almost 3.000 € within a day.

easybell has been investing in the security of the telephony infrastructure for years. That is why we can detect fraud before it can cause major damage. We are so convinced of these mechanisms that we are now giving our customers a fraud protection guarantee. Our guarantee applies automatically and free of charge to all our plan offers – so that you can always rely on easybell. In concrete terms, this means that if you misuse your telephone connection for international calls, you will incur a maximum of 20 € for private customers and 10 € per booked line for business customers.

Your security guarantee

Hackers always proceed in a similar way, attacks often follow a certain pattern. We were able to work out an algorithm that is very accurate after a few years of continuous perfection. If new attack patterns emerge, additional security rules are adopted that at least limit the damage.

Normally, we proactively detect abusive telephone calls abroad even before you notice them so that you as a private person or your company are protected from major financial damage caused by hacker attacks.

How it works

The fraud protection guarantee always applies if the telephone calls abroad indicate an abusive use and the customer has not acted grossly negligently or with intent. This does not cover the costs of regular calls, e. g. if access data has been passed on to third parties.

In spite of our fraud protection guarantee, you should take precautions to ensure that no damage occurs in the first place. Your duty of care includes using the latest firmware version of your PBX or VoIP device and changing the standard passwords.

Created on: 08. November 2023