SIP trunks with up to 200 lines

From SoHo with 2 lines up to a call center with 200 ones: easybellʼs SIP trunks are easy scalable and the best choice for every company. Click here for more information about SIP trunks and their advantages.


With SIP-Direct Dial In, you can allocate single phone numbers to different departments or extensions. All incoming calls will be forwarded to the IP-PBX via the trunk and will be distributed to the appropriate departments or extensions. Check here, which IP-PBX suits to an easybell SIP trunk.

CLIP no screening

Create custom number information for outgoing calls. This way you decide, which number will be shown to the callee. We help you to to set up CLIP no screening for your PBX:

Be available on different devices at the same time

If you use our “parallel ringing“ feature, all incoming calls will ring on different devices at the same time, e.g. your landline phone and your mobile phone will ring at once. Get calls to your office number, even if you’re working in the field. Click here to get more information about setting up this function by yourself.

Virtual DDIs

You can flexibly transfer single extensions as SIP accounts into the cloud. This way you can use options like Fax2Mail, Web2Fax or conference rooms for free. Moreover, external employees on business trips or at home can easily be integrated. We show you, how to easily set up virtual DDIs.

Local easybell rates – worldwide

Due to the IP-based conenctions by easybell, you can use SIP trunks and virtual DDIs from every broadband connection all over the world. Combine different extensions on one number at uniform conditions. External employees are allowed to use their office phone number everywhere. We help you to easily set up your own PBX.

Blocks of 10, 100 or 1000 phone numbers without any monthly additional costs

You can book blocks of phone numbers right during your order or later. Each block of 10 costs 19.95€ (one-off payment), blocks of 100 are 49.95€ each. Blocks of 1000 are available for 99.95€ on request as well. If you already own blocks, you can also port them to easybell without additional one-off or monthly charges.

Trusted IP

Older PBXs arenʼt often able to authenticate with a user name and a password. With a Trusted IP function, you can define a fixed IP address and log in with your specified IP.

Automatic fallback position in case of a PBXʼs failure

If you set up single extensions as a cloud account in your PBX in addition to the trunk, you can set up a call forwarding. In case of a PBXʼs failure, incoming calls will be automatically forwarded to an alternative number, e.g. a mobile one. So you donʼt have to fear possible failures anymore. Please visit "How does the automatic fallback work" for further information.

Host a telephone conference

If you want to call more than two persons at the same time, our conference function is perfect for you. Every easybell phone number can be turned into a conference room for free – with just one click. You can talk to up to ten participants at the same time.

Send and receive faxes online

You donʼt need a conventional fax machine anymore, because easybell offers you a complete fax functiononline. You receive incoming faxes via email as an attached PDF from easybell. If you want to send faxes, you can easily manage this online, too. With easybell, you always have your fax machine with you.

Block incoming calls

Decide, whoʼs allowed to call you with our blocking lists. For every easybell phone number, you can block individual incoming calls, e.g. anonymous numbers, advertising hotlines or people, who bother you. Protect yourself, if your number got to the wrong people.

Limited user rights for employees

You can provide your employees with lots of phone functions. They log in with their phone number and SIP password. Then they will be able to send faxes and SMS online or to set up the caller ID, the forwarding and voicemail.

We show you how to set up a login for your employees.

Employees have got access to your provided cloud account only. They are not able to see your companyʼs bills or to manipulate other employeesʼ lines.

All calls at a glance

You want to know, how many minutes youʼve called to one person last month, or which call youʼve missed during the last two days? Our call history online gives detailed information about your calls, including sorting and export functions. Get more information!

Created on: 08. November 2023