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Austria flat rate

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Choose our cheap international landline flat rate and save big on phone calls to Austria!

You want to call your family or friends in Österreich but you havenʼt found a real good and cheap plan? Well, our flat rate to Österreich is your best choice!

Order Call flat international and make unlimited calls to österreichische landlines for only 8.49€ a month. Call flat international facilitates trouble-free calls to up to 40 more countries. But itʼs getting better: Our offer includes all calls to German landlines as well. So you can call Germany from Österreich or one of the up to 40 more countries on our list  for free, e.g. when youʼre on holiday or on a business trip.

The modern and IP-based telephone connection useable worldwide makes it possible. Benefit from our fair country flat rateʼs price per month and from our transparent, customer-oriented conditions.

You get the following services for just 8.49€/month:

  • Landline flat rate to Österreich plus up to 40 countries
  • Flat rate to German landlines
  • Local telephone number included
  • Encrypted telephony in ISDN quality (HD telephony possible)

If you donʼt need our attractive flat rate anymore, you can terminate on a monthly base – quick, easy and without any pitfalls.

Call flat international – do no longer worry about expensive phone costs abroad!

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Created on: 15. June 2018