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Internet & Phone

DSL all-in-one connections

  • with up to 100 Mbps
  • real internet flat rate
  • plus bandwidth guarantee
  • no minimum contract period

ALL Tariffs


VoIP connections

  • with real local phone number
  • usable worldwide
  • numerous phone functions
  • no minimum contract period

All tariffs

Phone and DSL connection with up to 16,000 Kbps (ADSL2+) for 24.95€/month or up to 50,000 Kbps (VDSL) for 34.95€/month; no minimum contract period; one-off activation fee of 49.95€; VoIP phone line with 0c/min to German landlines, 9.8c/min to German mobile networks; call-by-call and pre-selection are not possible; subject to availability of rate-adaptive ADSL2+ or VDSL from easybell. 19% VAT included. A suitable existing router is required or you can order a FRITZ!Box 7590 router for 4.50€/month. Our calls price list can be found here.

Why easybell?

Bandwidth guarantee

We estimate and guarantee your available bandwidth

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Affordable prices

Excellent value for money, easy to understand plans and top-quality service

Fair contract terms

You can terminate your contract any time and are not bound for a long time

Multiple phone functions

IP phone system with a large range of functions

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