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Can I save my settings manually or automatically in my Cloud PBX?

In the following article, we explain how to save settings in your Cloud PBX.

  1. At first click on “Cloud Telefonanlage”
  2. You can choose on your own whether you want to save the settings of your Cloud Telefonanlage manually or automatically. The standard setting is the automatic saving. To change the save mode, please click  “advanced settings”:

  3. A new window will open. Click on “Administration and maintenance”.

  4. Here you can choose the “Synchronisation mode”, whether you want to save all of your settings “automatic” or “manual”.


Please notice, that if you missed clicking the button “Adopt changes”, you will be advised to this right before logging out. If you leave without transmitting, all of the made settings will be lost.

If you choose the automatic saving, you won’t get this information. Clicking “save”, all made settings are saved. This option is more intuitive. But please recognize that you can better control the time of saving with the manual option.

If you’ve chosen your save mode, please click “save”.