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Which Microsoft 365 license do I need to make calls with Microsoft Teams?

We tell you the licenses you need for Microsoft Teams to connect your own SIP Trunk with the Teams Connector.

The Microsoft Office suite in general and the Teams software are not rigid products. Rather, they are always a combination of different licenses that determine the actual range of features.

For example, if you want to use Microsoft Teams not only for internal company communication and cooperation, but also to make phone calls over the local network (PSTN), you usually need the additional paid add-on "Teams Phone", which must be booked separately for each seat that is to be able to make phone calls later.

With the following license combinations, you can extend your Microsoft Teams with telephone functions and thus obtain a real solution for Unified Communications (UC).

Basis Version additional Add-on
Microsoft 365 Business Basic / Standard / Premium Teams Phone
Microsoft 365 F1 / F3 Teams Phone
Office 365 F3 Teams Phone
Microsoft 365 / Office 365 E1 / E3 Teams Phone
Microsoft 365 / Office 365 E5 Teams Phone incl.


  • Microsoft 365 Education A1 + Teams Phone
  • Microsoft 365 Education A3 + Teams Phone
  • Office 365 Education A1 + Teams Phone
  • Office 365 Education A3 + Teams Phone


  • Microsoft 365 Non-Profit Business Basic + Teams Phone
  • Microsoft 365 Non-Profit Business Standard + Teams Phone
  • Microsoft 365 Non-Profit E1 + Teams Phone
  • Microsoft 365 Non Profit E3 + Teams Phone
  • Office 365 Non-Profit E1 + Teams Phone
  • Office 365 Non-Profit E3 + Teams Phone


  • Microsoft 365 Government G1 + Teams Phone
  • Microsoft 365 Government G3 + Teams Phone
  • Office 365 Government G1 + Teams Phone
  • Office 365 Government G3 + Teams Phone

How to get the licenses

You can purchase licenses for Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Standard and Premium directly on the Microsoft offer page for Microsoft 365. For example, from €4.20 per user:in/month plus VAT, you receive various service packages. The first month is free of charge. Weigh up for yourself how large the scope of a license should be. Also on the Microsoft homepage you will find an overview of the prices for the products Microsoft Office 365 F1/F3, E3 and E5 as well as the costs of the licenses for the use of the education tariffs A1 and A3 for educational institutions.

Please note that the add-on license "Business Voice without call plan" is currently only available through certified Microsoft partners. If you are interested, we will be happy to put you in touch with them.

Whichever license you choose: As soon as you receive it, you can install Microsoft Teams and activate the Teams Connector via your easybell customer portal. And off you go!

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