This means that employees who need access to all accounts do not need to remember multiple accounts. At the same time, local teams retain their individual access, e.g. to manage their call forwarding.

In this article you will learn how to add the first subsidiary account to your main account.

1. Call up the customer portal of the main account

Please log in to the customer portal of your future main account first.

Attention! Only a main account can be assigned subsidiary accounts.

2. Order subsidiary account

Please click on the item "Add subsidiary account" in the customer portal. You will be automatically redirected to our ordering process.

Assemble the product according to your wishes and complete the order as normal. You will be automatically redirected to the account management. The new subsidiary account is already listed here.

3. Verify subsidiary account

The assignment of phone numbers is strictly regulated. Therefore, after completing the order, both your e-mail address and the connection address must be verified.

You will receive further information automatically by e-mail after placing your order.

4. Manage accounts

As soon as a subsidiary account is assigned to your main account, you have access to the "Subsidiary management" menu in your customer portal. Here you will see an overview of the linked accounts and have access to all secondary accounts.

You can also see and manage those accounts for which you have set up a collective invoice.

If you want to detach a subsidiary account from a main account, you can also do this here.