Data protection is important to us.

After the DSL dial-in, IP addresses are dynamically assigned for the respective connection. These dynamically assigned IP addresses are not traffic data relevant for billing. easybell GmbH does not store these IP addresses in its own systems in accordance with § 96 Paragraph 1 Sentence 3 TKG.
easybell's suppliers have assured us that the storage of IP addresses is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act, the Telecommunications Act and in accordance with the latest court rulings. This currently means that dynamically assigned IP addresses are deleted after 7 days at the latest.
According to § 96 Paragraph 1 S. 3 TKG, traffic data must be deleted by the service provider immediately after termination of the connection. On the other hand, § 100 TKG allows a service provider to collect and use, among other things, the traffic data of subscribers and users for the purpose of identifying, limiting or eliminating faults or errors in telecommunications systems, insofar as this is necessary for these purposes.
In the opinion of the Federal Data Protection Commissioner and the Federal Court of Justice (BGH, ruling of 13.01.2011, Ref. III ZR 146/10), it is still regarded as technically necessary to store dynamic IP addresses temporarily in order to counteract the sending of spam mails, malware and denial of service attacks, among other things. The storage of IP addresses for a maximum period of 7 days is necessary in order to counteract the abstract dangers to the proper functioning of telecommunications operations without there being any indications of a fault or error in individual cases.
The service providers, however, always develop their programs further. As soon as it is technically possible to detect and eliminate faults or faults in telecommunications systems without the short-term, uninitiated storage of IPs, easybell GmbH will ensure that the IPs are deleted immediately after the respective connection has been terminated, insofar as this is legally permissible.