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What do I have to consider when switching from ADSL2+ to VDSL?

What you can do before the date of migration:

  • Please double-check the compatibility of your router with the new connection technology VDSL. It’ll be compatible if you’ve got a rented or bought FRITZ!Box (or Eltek router) from us. Click here for a list of usual types of routers or a quick router check (German). If your router is not compatible, your can find cheap offers in our customer portal shop.
  • If you’ve got a FRITZ!Box, please update your firmware to the latest version of FRITZ!OS.
  • Please change the format of your username to
    Please notice, that 1234567-8 is just an example of a user ID. You can find your real user ID in the customer portal.
  • If you've configured a second PVC for your calling, please remove it. This technology won’t be supported by your new connection.

What you should do after a successful connection switch:

  • Please change your connection configuration from VPI/VCI 1/32 to VLAN ID 7. (This is not necessary if you’ve got a FRITZ!Box with FRITZ!OS from version 6.50, which you’ve configured via you easybell profile.)