Moving a DSL connection essentially consists of two parts:

  1. Ordering a new DSL connection
    You order a new DSL line with a new contract at the new address. This way, you can adapt your product to possibly changed needs right away as part of the move.
    Please note that the monthly costs may change as a result!
  2. Cancellation of the existing connection on a date of your choice
    You can decide yourself on which date the old contract should end. This allows you to keep both Internet connections active during the relocation phase, for example.
    The switch will only cost you the provisioning fees for your new connection.

How to commission the move:

1. Order relocation

Log in to your customer portal and go to My Data → Personal Information.

Please click on "Relocate" below the connection address.

2. Check availability

Now please select your future tariff and then have the availability checked at the new address.

If easybell is available, please click on "Order now" to continue.

3. Order a new connection

You will now be guided step-by-step through the ordering process. You can find out more about the individual steps here: "How to order an Internet connection".

If you are using a rental router from easybell or are moving within the same local network, please note our instructions below.

[Translate to english:] Nutzen Sie einen gemieteten Router von Easybell?

[Translate to english:]

Wenn Sie im Zuge eines alten Vertrags einen Mietrouter von uns erhalten haben, muss dieses Gerät an uns zurückgeschickt werden. Bitte bestellen Sie im neuen Vertrag bei Bedarf einen neuen Mietrouter. Sie erhalten dann ein neues Gerät mit den richtigen Zugangsdaten.

4. Check and confirm order

At the end of the order, you will receive a summary of all the tariff's components as usual. Please check the information and then place the order.

Attention! The monthly costs may change if a different connection technology is used at the new address.

5. Terminate the old connection

You can now decide whether you want to keep the easybell connection at your previous address or terminate it. If you choose to terminate, please enter an according date.

Then please click on "Confirm" to complete the process.

[Translate to english:] Achtung: Rufnummern portieren nicht vergessen!

[Translate to english:]

Die Kündigung Ihres alten Internetanschlusses gilt auch für die Rufnummer(n), die Sie in diesem Vertrag führen. Wenn Sie Ihre Rufnummer(n) behalten wollen, beauftragen Sie die Portierung Ihrer Rufnummern bitte im Kundenportal bevor Sie Ihren alten Vertrag kündigen. Ansonsten werden Ihre Rufnummern zusammen mit dem Internetanschluss gekündigt.

Mehr zu internen Portierungen und den Voraussetzungen in unserem Artikel „Umzug mit einem VoIP-Telefonanschluss“.

What happens next?

After you have confirmed the order for your new connection using the link sent to you by e-mail, we will order the installation on the desired date.

You will receive the access data for the new customer number prior to provisioning so that you can log in to the customer portal. There you will find the progress of the order as usual.

If you have rented a router from easybell, please do not forget to return it! You will find more information about this in the notes below.

Tips on how to stay reachable when moving

  • There is always a residual risk that a new connection will be delayed! We therefore recommend ordering the DSL connection at the new location a few days earlier in order to be available throughout.
  • Thanks to VoIP technology, phone numbers can be used at several locations at the same time. This means that callers can reach you at the same phone number at both the new and the old address.
  • If you want to be reachable on the go, we recommend our VoIP to go app!


Transferring phone numbers

If you move within an area code, you can keep your old phone number(s). In this case, please send us your old and your new customer number and tell us which phone numbers you want us to port to the new line.

Rental routers

If you have received a rental router from us in the course of an old contract, it must be cancelled and returned to us. Please order a new rental router in the new contract if required, you will then receive a new device with the correct access data.