It is no problem to move out of a shared flat and take the landline phone number with you. If you are not the connection holder, please download the declaration of assignment and fill it in together with the connection holder.

It is important that you mark “act of transfer for single phone number(s)” and that you do not enter the main phone number of the line. This would lead to the termination of the contract.

You and the current holder of the phone number need to sign the form. Please return the filled and signed via post or fax +49 030 80 95 1009*) to easybell. After that, you can order the porting of phone numbers to easybell. Please notice that due to reasons of processing, we use the name of the current holder of the phone numbers as well. So please don’t be irritated, if we contact you and using this name.

*) for free from easybell’s network