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I’d like to switch from easybell to a new provider. Can I take my easybell phone number with me?

Im folgenden Artikel erklären wir Ihnen, wie Sie Ihre easybell-Rufnummer zu Ihrem neuen Anbieter mitnehmen.

You can port your easybell phone number to your new provider. Please notice the following steps:

* Order a phone number porting at your new provider.

*The new provider gets in contact with easybell, terminates your contract for you and orders the porting.

* easybell confirms the termination to the next possible date and sends a cancellation confirmation to your email address

Please note that you will be charged for outgoing porting: 11.44 € for the first number and 5.50 € for each additional number (all details incl. 19% VAT).