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How do I change my email address?

You can easily change your lodged email address in the customer portal.

  • Log in with your personal login information to easybell customer portal first.
  • Now, click Meine Daten/Persönliche Daten (“My data/ Personal data” or “information”).
  • Click the symbol for editing (the cog) next to Ihrer E-Mail-Adresse (“Your email address”).
    (The screwdriver appears automatically when you mouse-over the field E-Mail.)


  • Now, a window opens, where you can change your lodged email address.
    Please delete your old email address and enter the new desired one. Click Übernehmen.(“takeover”)


  • Confirm you last change by clicking the link you will automatically receive now.
  • Done! Your lodged email address has been changed successfully.



In case you haven’t got access to the customer portal anymore and no access to your old email address:

Via email

You haven’t got access to the customer portal anymore, a manual changing by our support team is necessary.

Please send us an email to with the request to change your lodged email address.

Please appreciate that easybell can’t change your information without any legitimation. We’d like to please you to send us a copy of your ID card.

Via phone

You can request a change of your lodged email address by phone as well. We advise you that we will proof your identity to be on the safe side.