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How can I take over an existing easybell connection?

We will explain to you how you can take over a complete connection or individual telephone numbers from an existing contract if you are not the contract holder.

We differentiate between the contract transfer of an entire DSL or telephone connection and the assignment of individual telephone numbers from a contract.

Assignment of individual telephone numbers

If you only want to take over individual telephone numbers, but the connection should remain in the possession of the previous owner, download the declaration of assignment. Make sure that you tick "Declaration of assignment for individual telephone numbers" and do not enter the main telephone number of the connection, as you would otherwise take over the entire connection.

Please send us the completed form via e-mail (, post (easybell GmbH, Brückenstraße 5a, 10179 Berlin) or fax (+49 30 80951009*).

You can then order a porting of the number(s) to your easybell contract. You can find out how it works here. Please note that, for process reasons, we also use the name of the previous owner of the telephone numbers during porting. So don't be alarmed if you are contacted under this name once during this period.

Contract transfer

If you want to take over the entire connection, download the contract transfer form. Both the new and the old holder must sign the completed form.

Please send us the completed form by e-mail (, post (easybell GmbH, Brückenstraße 5a, 10179 Berlin) or fax (+49 30 80951009*). The review and subsequent contract rewriting takes about one, maximum two days.


*free of charge from the easybell network

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