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How can I modify the report of my itemised bill and/or the calling lists of my PBX online?

We list all calls for you in an itemised bill and in calling lists at the customer portal. The itemised bill shows a list of connection data like date, start, fees and destination number. You can decide whether you want to get a complete, a short or no itemised bill for all future bills. You can set it up in our customer portal via “contact data”. Retroactively modifying of data is not possible.

You can see the latest calls on the calling list (time lag of 30 minutes) via “PBX” > “Calling list”. Click “Settings” via “PBX” to configure. Here, you can devide individually for each phone number whether the calls shall listed or not. If you activate a number, all persons using it need to be informed about the saving of calling data. 

Using an individually configured phone number (UPN) for one number: For technical reasons, you cannot decide individually if they will be listed. In this case, the settings for the main number is relevant.