A PPoE error due to timeout can have many causes. Please check the following points before contacting the easybell technical hotline.

1. Incorrect access data?

Are you a new DSL customer? If yes, is the DSL access data correctly stored? Please check your access data (username, password). You can view the password in the customer portal under “My product” or “My plan”.

If you have already successfully used DSL access or if you are sure that the access data is correct:

2.  Does your router work?

Does the router indicate that the DSL connection has synchronized (usually with a separate light)?

If not:

  • Check the wiring of the router.
  • Switch your router on/off.
  • Are you sure your router is compatible with your port?

If yes:

  • Synchronization takes place, but there may still be a fault, for example due to a defective line or a hardware component that prevents the data from being transported further. Please contact our support team and describe the problem. Please also let us know which measures you have already taken so that we can help you even more effectively.