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I can't receive incoming calls but outgoing ones still work. What can I do?

Here you can see why you can't receive incoming calls but outgoing ones still work

If you are not available for incoming calls, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

Check the setup of the VoIP account

  • First check, if you have entered the registrar “” in your VoIP compatible device.
  • Set up the device via our updated guidances of configuration

Check the setup of your phone

  • Please check, if the phone number in your router has been assigned to a phone.


  • Restart the router.

For new customers

  • If you’ve got a new easybell line or a new ported number, it could take up to three days until you’ll be available with all networks. 

Problems with forced routers, cable lines and Nating in your home network

  • If you use a VoIP terminal connected with a VoIP compatible router, try to take our alternative port 5064 (if it’s possible).
  • If you’ve got a cable line with DS-Lite (explanation wikipedia), please use our service via IPv6 Registrar “” (instead of

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