By assigning telephone numbers of one customer number to the Cloud Telefonanlage of another customer number, telephone numbers of different area codes can be managed and used within one single Cloud Telefonanlage.

This enables, for example, the use of speed dials, call groups, busy lamp field, call transfer or call pickup across different area codes and facilitates the administration of different locations.

Note on billing:

Not all calls are automatically billed according to the contract terms of the Cloud Telefonanlage. Please note the following logic:

  • Outgoing calls are billed via the customer number of the SIP trunk that is assigned to the end device used under "Outgoing SIP trunk".
  • Incoming calls that are forwarded directly from an extension of the Cloud Telefonanlage to an external number are billed via the customer number of the incoming SIP trunk of this extension.

How do I set up the branch capability?

1. Log in to the easybell customer portal with the customer number whose phone number you want to register in the Cloud Telefonanlage of another customer number.

2. Go to "Phone settings" → "Manage numbers" and choose the desired phone number.

3. You can change the "mode" of your phone numbers either by clicking on the blue button or by expanding the phone numbers menue. Please switch the phone number to "PBX" mode.

4. In the row “Assign this trunk to other Cloud Telefonanlage”, please click on the gear-symbol on the right.

5.  In the next window, enter the customer number and customer portal password under which the trunk will be managed in the future and click “Login”.

6.  After clicking on “Login”, an email with a confirmation link each is sent to the administrators of both customer numbers.

7.  The next window displays the current status of the changes. There you can also reset the assignment if you have made an error.

8.  After both parties have clicked the confirmation links in the mails, the PBX trunk can be managed in the cloud PBX.

8. after both sides have clicked on the confirmation links in the emails, the PBX trunk can be managed in the Cloud. Telefonanlage.

9. if you want to undo the assignment, repeat steps 1 to 4 and click on the "Reset assignment" button in the "Change customer account assignment" window. Attention: the phone number is then no longer registered in the Cloud Telefonanlage.