In order to set up and activate the night switch for an extension in the Cloud Telefonanlage, please follow these steps in the easybell customer portal:

1. Open your Cloud Telefonanlage

Please go to your customer portal and call up your Cloud Telefonanlage, which can be found under "Phone settings". You will get to the interface of your Cloud Telefonanlage.

Please click on “edit” next to the desired phone number / extension for which you want to set up and activate the night switch.

2. Edit Extension

The overview “Edit Extension” appears. Further down under "Incoming calls" you will find "NightSwitch".

Please click on edit to configure this feature. If you have already configured the night switch, you may simply activate it by clicking the checkbox.

3. Set up night switch

You can make the following settings here:

  • Night switch: Activate the night switch (you can deactivate it later, too);
  • Audiofile: Decide which message the caller should hear: default greeting or default voicemail. With the latter, the caller can leave a message for you. You can also select a previously discussed voicemail message. It automatically appears as a selection.
  • Notification: Select whether you want to receive a notification as soon as the caller hears the selected greeting or not.
  • Type of Notification: In the case of the notification selection “Yes, if the caller has heard the announcement”, please select how you want to be notified: by SMS, by e-mail or by both SMS and e-mail. Voicemail messages are sent to you as an audio file attached to the e-mail.

Note: You have to add an email-address or a mobile phone number to the contact settings in the extension settings, before you can use the notifications by SMS or e-mail.

To complete the setup, please click on "Save".

4. Check status

Back on the overview page of your Cloud Telefonanlage, there is now a half-moon symbol next to the extension you have edited. This means that the night switch is activated for this extension.

Toggle night switch

To turn off or edit the night switch, click once on the half-moon icon. You will be taken to “Edit Night switch settings”. Here you simply uncheck the active night switch.

Note: Please do not forget to click on “Save” both in this overview and in the “Edit extension” overview. Otherwise your changes cannot be saved correctly.