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easybell is an Internet and telephone provider based based in the heart of Berlin. The company belongs to the ecotel telecommunications group and thus has excellent access to cost-effective upfront services.

Since its founding in June 2006, easybell has provided convenient and fair offers for private and business customers. The main business areas are DSL-access, VoIP-services and call-by-call.

A milestone in the history of easybell was the establishment of an own NGN telephone infrastructure. This enables easybell to offer customers innovative and inexpensive telephone services. These offer features which were not possible before and which are not common with other providers. 

Whether support, IT, marketing or management – we know that we can only be successful as a team. This is why our corporate structure is characterized by flat hierarchies and short, effective decision-making processes. With this concept, we have been growing for more than ten years, and the trend is rising!

What makes easybell so recommendable:

Inexpensive plans at fair contractual conditions

We always make sure that our products are clearly structured and that our contractual conditions remain comprehensible and without any pitfalls. In addition to the excellent price/performance ratio, this also includes the waiving of minimum contract terms. We deal openly with our prices, there are no hidden costs hidden. We have structured our terms of service  openly so that everyone can find information quickly and intuitively."

Excellent quality and fast customer service

Based on the group's many years of experience, it is possible to combine high service quality with a competitive pricing. Numerous cooperations and regular recommendations in reviews show: easybell is a guarantee for quality and service.

Even in the unlikely event of a malfunction, we openly communicate the reasons and measures taken to our customers. Through our qualified and dedicated support and technicians, we can ensure a quick solution to problems.

High degree of process automation

The strong focus on optimizing and automating processes makes it possible for easybell to guarantee favorable prices for the customer. Thus we were able to confirm the many positive test reports of the past years, especially in customer satisfaction.

A plethora of features in our online customer portal

All easybell customers have access to an online customer portal in which they can manage numerous features such as clip, answering machine, call forwarding, fax, SMS and much moreIn addition. easybell increasingly enables customers to manage their own contracts and personal data themselves. Because self-care helps both sides: Customers get what they want faster and customer service has more time to focus on more complex requirements.


Deutsche Telekom will convert all traditional telephone lines (including analog) to IP-based telephony (All-IP) until the end of 2018. easybell has been offering VoIP for years. We are therefore very familiar with the conversion from corporate telephony to All-IP. With us at your side, you are ready for a future without ISDN.