All advantages at a glance

  • Can be used worldwide
  • Contact integration: existing contacts of your smartphone can be used
  • DND switch: You decide when you want to be reachable
  • High call quality thanks to HD telephony
  • Low battery load due to use of TCP protocol in voice transmission
  • Push function: be reachable even if the app is running in the background
  • Comfort functions such as loudspeakers or hold and mute functions
  • Echo cancellation: reduces unpleasant feedback in telephone and speaker mode
  • Busy Lamp Fields: Information about the call status of other extensions or call groups in the Cloud Telefonanlage

Save money with the VoIP to go app

At home, at work or on holiday

Benefit from the favourable easybell tariffs. VoIP to go is the ideal supplement to your mobile phone contract, because many call destinations are much cheaper with easybell.
Calls can be made directly via your stored telephone contacts. Your smartphone becomes a mobile landline connection for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Your employees can use their office numbers via VoIP to go. So they can also be reached on the road or in the home office via a number or extension.

Private customers can also easily use their landline telephone number with VoIP to go. This saves costs during holidays or longer stays abroad, for example, because a booked Germany flat rate also applies to calls from abroad if you use the VoIP to go extension for Chrome.

For calls abroad, you benefit from our low international rates. Do you make international calls more frequently? Then book our international flat rate: with Call flat international you can make free calls to Germany and more than 40 other countries.

*Please note that some mobile providers, such as Deutsche Telekom, block your mobile data networks for VoIP use.

Author: Steffen Hensche
Last edited on: 18. May 2021