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Additional fees in general

Contract transfer for free
Default charges for second dunning letter 2.00€
Return debit due to caused costs
Switch of plans within Business plans for free
Portings Fees
Incoming portings for free
Outgoing portings:  
for the first phone number 9.61€
for every additional phone number 4.62€
each block of phone numbers 25.00€
Internal portings 21.01€ service fee

Costs due to premature cancellation of the DSL contract by the customer

Reason for ending the contractFees
Cancelation within the revocation period, if the activation hasn’t already done due to customer’s wishfor free
Cancelation without a confirmed date (according to 50 percent of the usual activation fee*)24.98€
Cancelation with a confirmed date up to three days before the date (according to 75 percent of the usual activation fee*)37.46€
Cancelation in less than three days before the date (according to 100 percent of the usual activation fee*)49.95€
Extra costs caused by the cancelation with an already sent router (handling, package and sending)15.00€

All prices excluding 19% VAT.