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Why does a technician of Deutsche Telekom need to come?

We explain what the "Letzte Meile" is in a DSL connection and why this is the responsibility of Deutsche Telekom.

In case of a new DSL line, a technician of Deutsche Telekom needs to come, because the so-called "Letzte Meile" (“last mile”) of your phone line belongs to Deutschen Telekom. You can possibly avoid the technician’s date by entering the name and former phone number of the former owner of the line during the ordering process. In that case, a special date is mostly not necessary.

The technician will connect your phone line at a port of DSLAM (DSL-distribution station), which is near by your place. So he or she needs to come into your house to cover the line. If necessary, he or she needs to check the cabling of the main distributor of your house and in your telephone socket. If there’s no telephone socket, he/she will insert one (if there’s a phone line in your flat).

We will inform you about the date of activation and whether a technician is necessary or not.