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Additional costs and fees

Additional fees in general

Contract transferfor free
Hardware transportfor free
Fees for the technician caused by a culpable failure of the customer  (absence, refuse access, did not make known arrangements)48.79€
Default charges for second dunning letter2.00€
Return debitdue to caused costs
Switch of plans25.00€ service fee
Migration from ADSL to VDSL

49.95€ activation fee

Incoming portingsfor free
Outgoing portings: 
    for the first phone number11.44€
    for every additional phone number5.50€
Internal portings25.00€ service fee

Fees for customer initiated cancelation of DSL activations*

Reason for ending the contractFees
Cancelation within the revocation period, if the activation hasn’t already done due to customer’s wishfor free
Cancelation without a confirmed date (according to 50 percent of the usual activation fee*)24.98€
Cancelation with a confirmed date up to three days before the date (according to 75 percent of the usual activation fee*)37.46€
Cancelation in less than three days before the date (according to 100 percent of the usual activation fee*)49.95€
Extra costs caused by the cancelation with an already sent router (handling, package and sending)17.85€

All prices include 19% VAT.

The calculation “X percent of the activation fee” is based on the standard offer of 49.95€. These costs are calculated in special offers without activation fee as well.

The customer reserves the right for the proof of a less damage.

Working days are Mon-Fri, as there are no switching on Saturdays.