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Register the device of the Cloud telephone system in a FRITZ!Box

In the following article we will show you how to register a device in a FRITZ!Box as a user of the easybell Cloud telephone system.

  1. Call up the user interface of your FRITZ!Box in your browser window by entering “” in the browser bar.
  2. Log in with your password for the FRITZ!Box.
  3. You are now in the user interface. Please click on “Telephony” („Telefonie“) in the menu bar on the left.

  4. Another selection opens up. Please click here on „Own phone number“ („Eigene Rufnummer“) and then on the blue button “New phone numbers” („Neue Rufnummer“) on the right side:

  5. The following input mask appears:

  6. To fill them out along the letters, please open the user interface of your Cloud PBX via the easybell customer portal in parallel.
    Select the device you want to store in the FRITZ!Box, click on the gear and use the user data provided for this device under “Configure device” („Endgerät konfigurieren“).:

    Note: If you select a device that is “offline”, this is also indicated as “offline” in the status.
  7. Back to the FRITZ!Box user interface: Please take over the data of your device for the following fields in the user interface of the FRITZ!Box, use the letter markings on the screenshot:

    a. Phone number for the login: the SIP user name (starting with CPBX-)

    b. Access data:
    User name: SIP user name
    Password: SIP password
    Registrar: SIP-Registrar, so
    Proxy server: no input required

    c.Internal telephone number in the FRITZ!Box: the telephone number of your device; you will find this in the desired device under “Outgoing calls via” („Ausgehende Anrufe über“):

    d. Insert area code for outgoing calls: Remove the check mark.
  8. Please click on “Next” („Weiter“). The following window will appear to check the data you have entered:

  9. If you are satisfied, click again on “Next” („Weiter“).
  10. Now you can see that the registration of the end device in the FRITZ!Box was successful:

  11. Click “Next” („Weiter“)  again. You will now see that the telephone number of the registered device has been included in your telephone number list in the FRITZ!Box:


    Note: If your device was “Offline” before registration in the FRITZ!Box, it will now be displayed as “Online” in the overview of your cloud telephone system:

Making calls via the registered device

In order to be able to make calls via the registered terminal, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on “Telephony” („Telefonie“) in the menu bar on the left of the FRITZ!Box user interface.

  2. Another selection opens up. Please click here on “Telephony device” („Telefoniegeräte“) and then on the blue button “Set up new device” („Neues Gerät einrichten“) on the right side:

  3. Now select the type of telephony device you want to configure. Once you have decided, please click on “Next” („Weiter“).

  4. Here you can now select the connection via which the telephone is connected as well as the name of the telephone. Once you have completed everything, click “Next” („Weiter“).

  5. Select the phone number that you previously used for your registered device. All outgoing calls are then routed via this number. Then click on “Next” („Weiter“).

  6. Here you can see that the call number of your registered terminal is already displayed as the call number for outgoing calls. Please follow the steps required in the user interface.

    Then please click on “Next” („Weiter“).

  7. After a short time the telephone test of your FRITZ!Box takes place. When the desired device rings, please click on “Yes” („Ja“):

  8. Next, you will be asked to review all your entries. If everything is correct, please click on “Apply” („Übernehmen“).

You will now see that your newly added device also appears in the list of devices. You can now use it.