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How can I switch to another plan or product?

This is how you can change your tariff or product.

We understand that your requirements for a phone line can change. easybell wants to give its customers the best opportunities to decide for a matching product. Here are the conditions:

Call basic, Call easy & Call flat

A switch of product is for free. Your rest opening account balance will be transferred to the new chosen product.

Komplett basic, Komplett easy & Komplett allnet

A switch of product is always possible to the turn of the month. If you want to switch to a product with a lower monthly charge, you need to pay a processing fee of 25€. If you want to switch to a product with higher monthly charge, easybell will give up the processing fee.

Switch from ADSL to VDSL

A switch from ADSL2+ to VDSL is possible. Due to the technical effort, we need to charge a commitment fee of 49.95€.

Switch from a DSL rate with a contract period to one without

You can switch from a product with a contract period of 24 months to one with a monthly termination for a single fee of 49.95€ by the end of the contract period.

Switch from Call to Komplett products

If you want to switch from a Call product to a Komplett one, you need to order a Komplett line first.  After the order, please send us an email with your old and your new customer number. We will port your current VoIP number to your new line for free.


Switch of plans via easybell customer portal

Switch your plan by yourself via our easybell customer portal.

  1. Click “Switch of plan” afte loging in.
  2. Choose the plan or product you’d like to switch to. Click “Choose”.

 3. Now you can also choose your desired date for the switch. Now click “Buy now”.



4. Now you see a confirmation for your order of switching the plan or product. You will also receive an email.


Notice: Please understand that we can only make a switch to the beginning of month.