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How can I get to the user interface of FRITZ!Box?

You can open the user interface in your browser to easily set up all FRITZ!Box features. You can also get detailed information about the access, the product, and the connection. Please notice that you can’t open the address “” at a network device connected to the FRITZ!Box with a guest access.

If you use your FRITZ!Box as an IP client or WLAN repeater, please enter the manual fixed IP address of the FRITZ!Box to the address bar of your browse. Forgot your IP address? Open the interface via your emergency IP address. Enter “” to the address bar of your browser or to open the user interface of your FRITZ!Box. If this does not work, please try the following “trouble-shooting”:

1. Open the user interface via the complete address.

Enter the complete address “” to make sure not to start the automatic search via google. Now you should easily get to the user interface. 

2. Re-start the FRITZ!Box.

Disconnect the plug of the FRITZ!Box from the socket and wait five seconds before putting it in again. Please notice, that all router settings will be deleted at a re-start like this one.  So please wait nearly two minutes until you start to try to get to the user interface again.

3. Empty the cache of your browser.

If there appears a white, incomplete or empty site instead of the user interface, please follow the instructions described here.

If you are still not able to open the user interface of your FRITZ!Box, please click here for further causes of defects and their trouble-shootings.