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Yeastar Cloud PBX

This manual describes how to set up Yeastar‘s Cloud PBX with easybell SIP trunk phone connections.

Manufacturer: Yeastar
Product name: Cloud PBX
Manufacturer website:

Please make sure, you’ve read our information about the form of phone numbers at incoming calls.

Configuring a SIP trunk

3. Click Save button and Apply. Go to PBX Monitor App to check if the Service Provider trunk is connected successfully.

Specify routing

The system compares the number with the pattern you define in your routes. If the number matches the pattern of the first route, the corresponding line is used. If this is not the case, the patterns of further routes are checked step by step. You can influence this sequence via the "Priority" buttons.

Define Outbound Route

Define Inbound Route

2. Configure the incoming routing as follows:

  • Name: Select the inbound route.
  • Member Trunks: Choose the easybell SIP Trunk.
  • Destination: Select the destination to which the incoming calls should be routed.

3. Afterwards, click on "Save" and "Apply".

When you call in SIP Trunk mode, the call is forwarded to the destination configured on the incoming route.

Set up CLIP no screening