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Set up with a cloud account

Product: Htek UC924

Firmeware VersionBOOT--



DSP--9.0.3 (Patch 1.0.0)


With this guidance, we show you how to set up your easybell IP phone plus hints for setting up a SIP account in your own PBX.

Login to the graphic user interface

You can easily configure your IP phone via the graphic user interface online. Please just enter the IP address of the IP phone into the address bar of your browser. 

During the delivery status, the device will automatically get an IP address via DHCP. Have a look at your router or use the navigation on the phone (“Menu” > “Status” > “Netzwerk” (“network”) to get the IP address. The “WAN IP” is the right one.

Your login data are: 

User name: admin           

Password: admin

You need this information when you open the graphic user interface online. We recommend changing the password right after the first login.

Change the admin password

Change the password via “Management” > “Password”. 

Htek Set Up 2

Edify a SIP Account

To add a SIP account, please choose “Account”. Now you can add up to 4 SIP accounts at the same time to your IP phone. Beneath “Account” you can choose, for which of the 4 accounts you’d like to create login data. You can see the “Account Status” below.

To edify an acoount, choose “Yes” next to “Account Active” and store the following parameter:


Feld        easybell   VoIP- or Cloud-Account              own PBX        
Primary SIP Serversip.easybell.deURL or   IP address of your PBX
NAT Traversal„No, but send keep alive“Normally „No, but send keep alive“     
Labelarbitrary, is displayed on the IP phone arbitrary, is displayed on the IP phone
SIP User IDUser name of your easybell account (complete phone number, international format)SIP User ID of the particular extension
Authenticate IDUser name of your easybell account (complete phone number, international format)ID for authentification of the particular extension
Authenticate PasswordSIP password of your easybell accountsPassword of the particular extension


The following parameters are needed to edify like this. They can differ by using an own PBX: 


DNS ModeA Record
User ID Is Phone NumberNo
SIP RegistrationYes
Unregister On RebootNo
Register Expiration60time in minutes until re-register
Outgoing Call Without RegistrationYes
Local SIP Port5060Should be changed if another hardware is already using this port
Use Random PortNoYes, if another hardware is already using the port 5060
Voice Mail UserIDempty spaceThere is no Voice Mail User by using a Cloud Account.
RFC 2543 HoldNo

After entering all parameter, click “Save”. Now the “Account Status” shall be “Registered”.    

Htek Set Up 3 Neu

Now click “Codec” on the left and choose the new account.

We recommend the Codecs G722 and G711a-law (PCMA), please choose these as “Preferred Vocorders”. G722 is an HD-Codec and leads to a better call quality. But on the other hand, it takes most of the bandwidth. But because businesses have high bandwidths, you really should choose this Codec first. It will be used prioritized if the caller or callee uses HD telephony as well. At the third position, we recommend PCMU (g.711 u-law).  

It should look like:

Htek Set Up 4

Please click “Save”. The Setting for your SIP account with a Cloud Account is done. Now you can call.