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Connection settings (telephony) of a FRITZ!Box

We’d like to help you understanding the connections settings of your FRITZ!Box.

Producer: AVM
Name: FRITZ!Box
Type: 7490 (more types will follow)
Firmware: FRITZ!OS 6.50 (same settings from FRITZ!OS 6.0 execept for design and trifles)


In most of the cases, it is enough to set up your log in information for your easybell phone number at your router. Log in to customer portal, click “Telefonie” (“Telephony”) > “Eigene Rufnummer” (“Own phone number”) as you can see in our guidances here.

It is very important, that you enter the correct country code and correct area code in the “Anschlusseinstellungen” (“connection settings”). Furthermore, you should deactivate the fax protocol T.38, because it isn’t supported by lots of providers.

In some of the cases, especially for a branded router, it could be necessary to double-check the connection settings.

Connection settings in detail:

  • Please make sure your FRITZ!Box has activated the “erweiterte Ansicht” (“extended view”) to see all of the menu points. 
  • You can see this at the sitemap down to the left menu. There you see “Ansicht: Erweitert” (“View: Extended”), which means that the extended view has been activated. If it’s not, please click to “Ansicht: Standard” (“view: standard”) to switch the mode.
  • Change to “Anschlusseinstellungen” (“Connection settings”) via “Telefonie” (“Telephony”) > “Eigene Rufnummern” (“own phone numbers”). 

Location information

  • With this setting, the FRITZ!Box automatically adds one country code and one area code to your phone number. Choose “Deutschland” and enter your area code. 



  • This option is only shown by the device, which is still supporting conventional phone connections (analog or ISDN).
  • If you’ve got another connection of this kind, please mark “Festnetz aktiv” (“Landline active”). 

Backup line

  • Please choose the option “Ersatzverbindung aktivieren” (“Activate Backup line”), if you use several provider and like to call automatically with another one if the primary provider is not available. 

Outgoing phone numbers

  • Please define the phone number for outgoing calls, unsless it’s similar to the setting of the telephones.


  • Forbid VoIP compatble devices to use Internet telephony in your home network. Attention: If this option is actived, you can’t use your smartphone app at home anymore. We recommend not to mark here.

Hold music

  • Define what the caller listens to, when you set him or her on hold or is forwarded to another device. 

Language pack

  • Faxübertragung auch mit T.38 (“Fax transfer also with T.38”): no check
    Please deactivate this option. We support T.38 but other provider like Deutsche Telekom do not. Fax transfer will be reliably done via ISDN Codec g.711.
  • You can activate the following options when using VDSL or ADSL connections and you’ve got a problem with the quality of calls. Normally, you should let them deactived. Here you can find a guidance for a further configuration (German).
    • VLAN für Internettelefonie verwenden (“Use VLAN for internet telephony”): no check (Acitvate this option only when you’ve got a VDSL connection from easybell and problems with call quality. In this case, the correct VLAN ID is 8). 
    • Weitere Verbindung für die Internettelefonie über DSL nutzen (PVC) (“Using further connections for internet telephony via DSL (PVC)”): no check
      (Acitvate this option only when you’ve got a ADSL2+ connection from easybell and problems with call quality.)
  • Portweiterleitung des Internet-Routers für Telefonie aktiv halten: (“Keep Port forwarding of the internet router for telephony active”)
    This feature is only available, if you use your FRITZ!Box as IP client behind another router or modem. This setting is not necessary for every configuration. But if it’s activ, you can male sure, the port forwarding works. You can choose the period (“Zeitraum”) of 30 seconds. 


Please do not forget to confirm your changes with “Übernehmen” (“Confirm”) at the end.