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How do I set up Cloud-Accounts?

How to create Cloud-Accounts, follow our instructions

With this function you can move individual extensions flexibly as SIP accounts to the cloud. The calls are no longer routed to the trunk, but directly to the new SIP account. Attention: For this you need a business tariff. Please also make sure to switch your phone numbers from the “Phone” to the “Trunk” mode in order to be able to create Cloud-Accounts.

  •     The first step is to log in to the easybell customer portal with your personal access data.
  •     Go to “Phone settings” and click “Manage numbers”.

    Eng Cloud Accounts 1
  • The following overview shows your phone settings in “Telephone” mode:
  • Please click the blue telephone button to change the mode to “Trunk”. The following selection will appear:

Eng Cloud Accounts 2


  •     Please select the mode “Trunk” and click on “Apply”.

    Eng Cloud Accounts 3

  •     Then click the small cog icon next to Cloud-Accounts.

    Eng Cloud Accounts 4

  • Now enter in the field next to your phone number the last digit where you want your extension to be reachable. Then click the small cross (plus sign).

Eng Cloud Accounts 5


  • To delete a previously created extension, click the small trash can symbol behind the corresponding phone number.
  • Finally, click “Apply” to save your changes.

Eng Cloud Accounts 6

    You will now see your created extension numbers at the bottom of the overview if they have been successfully dialed.