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For what can I use the configurable caller display (UPN)?

Here are some application examples for the adaptation of caller identification for outgoing calls via CLIP no screening.

1. save call charges

Your own telephone number is ported to a full-service provider, but this is associated with very high costs for outgoing calls? Costs can be reduced by additionally using a VoIP offer from easybell and by storing a dialing rule (all or certain calls via easybell). By setting a UPN, the called party cannot see that the calls are made via easybell.

2. display office number from home office

If nobody should know that you are working from home today, then you signal your office number from your home office. In this way you can also appear officially for your company from your home office.

3. secretarial service

If you want to reach your secretary's office instead of you when you call back, then display this number.

4. display a service call number

If you want your customers to call back to a service number to ensure call announcements and availability, then signal 0800/0180/0700 etc. -number.


  • You are only allowed to transmit phone numbers for which you have a right of use.
  •  Your own easybell phone number is displayed on higher-quality terminals as additional information. In this way, you remain clearly identifiable for the police, call centre and emergency services, for example.