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Can I change the outgoing displayed phone number?

Yes, you can set up in your customer portal, which phone number the callee shall be displayed. So now you can also use e.g. alternative landline numbers or your office phone number from your home office displayed by outgoing calls.

Of course, you can deactivate displaying your numer for one time or permanently.

  • You can configure the outgoing phone number in your customer portal via “Telephone functions” > “Manage phone numbers” (“Telefon-Funktionen” > “Rufnummern verwalten”)


  • Click the little screw driver next to the phone number you want to change.


  • Enter the phone number displayed to the callee to the respective field.

  • Confirm with “Takeover” (“Übernehmen”).
  • For deactivating your caller ID, click “Anonymous” (“Anonym”).


  • Please, confirm with “Takeover” (“Übernehmen”).

If you’ve got a Business VOICE SIP trunk, you can replace the phone number to your divice with the CLIP no screening feature. You can activate this feature in the customer portal via “Telephone functions” > “Manage phone numbers” > “caller ID”  (“Telefon-Funktionen” > “Rufnummern verwalten” > “Rufnummernanzeige”). Choose here “depending on devices” (“Geräteabhängig”).