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How can I still be an easybell customer after moving?

Here you can find out how you can remain a customer of easybell when you move house

easybell wants to be there for you at your new place. How to move with us:

  • Order you desired product via und enter your new address and your desired date. Please notice, that a new activation of a DSL connection takes at least ten days. You need to be at home on the day of activation.
  • Send us an email to and tell us the desired date of notice at the old place.
  • If you move within the same area code, you can keep your old phone number(s) if you want. lease send us your old and your new customer number and tell us, which phone number we shall port to the new connection.

Further notices:

  • It is recommended to order the DSL connection at the new place a few days earlier. Therefore, you will be available during the whole new activation, even though there are connection problems.
  • VoIP makes it possible to make the phone ringing at to different places.
  • Moving with easybell charges only the eventual activation fees for your new plan.