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What can I do when my router is broken?

You can do this if your router is faulty.

If you think, your internet isn’t working anymore, because your router is broken, please try the following steps for a troubleshooting:

  1. Disconnect your router from the power network for a moment.
    After that, please wait a few minutes until the router has been connected with the internet. Lots of them can crash from time to time, like computers. With a restart, you can fix problems like that.
  2. Connect your computer with the router via a cable instead of WiFi.
    New WiFi in your neighbourhood could disturb yours. It often happens that WiFi has been diactivated accidentally via a button at the router. You can eliminate those kinds of mistakes, if you use the cable.
  3. Please check the cables.
    Eventually, there is a broken or damaged one or it’s not connection with the plug in a right way. Please check the cable from the router to the telephone socket and replace it if it’s possible.
  4. Please check your connection by using another router.
    If you router works with a different connection, it is probably damaged or wrongly configured.
  5. Please check the configuration of your router.
    You can find a suitable guide in our help centre.
  6. Please reset via factory reset and enter your login information again. Click here for getting a guidance for FRITZ!Boxes.
  7. Please contact our support team for help, e.g. via
    Our support team will check, if your DSL connection is disturbed by something. You will get more information and further advices here.
  8. Contact the producer or the retailer of your router.
  9. Send the router in.
    If you have one of our router for rent or have bought the router in the last two years, you can send it back to us (as a a return). You can find a suitable guidance here.