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pascom (MobyDick) phone systems

Configuration of pascom (formerly MobyDick) telephone systems with easybell SIP Trunk.

pascom phone systems

How to configure a pascom phone system with an easybell SIP trunk.

Developer: pascom
Name: pascom phone system
Version: fr. MobyDick 7.09.00 / pascom 18

(With newer software versions, it is possible that your configuration screens may differ from those displayed in the screenshots below).

Further Information:

Please note our general information concerning phone number formats for inbound calls.

Please note:Currently, we have no information from the manufacturer regarding which SIP header is used for transmitting the number in case of CLIP no screening. The correct SIP header needs to be specified accordingly in the easybell customer portal. To do so, go to the calling line identification settings in the number management section. In order to learn which SIP header needs to be used, please contact your PBX vendor or installation partner.


First, open the pascom user interface in your web browser by entering the IP address (or DNS name) of your phone system.

For versions older than pascom 18, the default user name is "admin" and you need to use the password that you have entered during the initial setup. With pascom 18, you will also be required to add a user with admin rights.


Add Trunks (Setup as a SIP Provider)

Open the menu list "Gateways" -> "Trunks" and click on "Add".


From the list of "Trunk Templates", select the provider easybell. You can use the search box to filter your results.


Now enter your easybell username and SIP password in the corresponding fields. This information can be found in your easybell customer portal under "Telephony Functions" -> "Settings".


NOTE: The creation of an easybell cloud account is not required. For the Business Voice tariff, national phone numbers are extension (DDI) enabled per default.


NOTE: Possible ports are 5060 or 5064. If you have deployed your phone system behind a router, which has an integrated VoIP function (e.g. Fritz!Box), then please use the port 5064. To do this click on the "Accounts" tab and double click the field within the "Port" column. Otherwise, please leave the "Port" field blank and click "Save".


Now, click on "Save" and finally on the green "Apply" check mark.

You can now set up your desired users and telephones as described in the pascom Documentation and in the den pascom Video Tutorials.


CLIP no screening

In order to include the extension numbers of the individual telephones for outgoing telephony, please open the easybell Trunk settings again and make the following settings here.

  1. Switch to the "Accounts" tab.
  2. In the field "Call number transmission" please select the option "PAI" from the drop-down menu.

  3. Save the settings.


Now please login to the easybell customer portal.

  1. Click “Manage phone numbers“.
  2. Choose your desired trunk number.
  3. Click the cog next to “Calling line identification”.
  4. Now choose “device-dependent caller ID (CLIP no screening)”.
  5. Next to “Choose manually” please choose  “P-Asserted-Identity”.
  6. Please don’t forget to accept “Read and accepted”, shown in the screenshot.

  7. Click “Apply” to finish.

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Für die CLIP-Einstellung ist standardmäßig ein Eintrag vorhanden. Ändern Sie diesen wie folgt:
Bezeichnung: Frei wählbar
CID-Nummer: Hier geben Sie die Rufnummer, welche angezeigt werden soll, im internationalen Format an (z.B. 004930123456780 für die Zentrale).

Sie haben auch die Möglichkeit, die vergebenen Durchwahlen als CLIP anzeigen zu lassen. Dazu legen Sie einen neuen manuellen Eintrag über „Hinzufügen“ an und befüllen diesen wie folgt:
Bezeichnung: Frei wählbar
In-Prefix: Die Ziffer, welche vorgewählt werden soll, damit die entsprechende CLIP angezeigt wird.
CID-Nummer: Hier geben Sie die entsprechende Rufnummer für die CLIP im internationalen Format an. Möchten Sie z.B., dass die Rufnummern der Nebenstellen angezeigt wird, müssen Sie Ihre Stammnummer im internationalen Format eintragen, gefolgt von der Nebenstelle (z.B. 004930123456781).

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