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How do I set up the busy lamp field (BLF) with call pickup in an Auerswald IP telephone?

If you use an Auerswald IP telephone (e.g. COMfortel series) with our Cloud PBX and want to use busy lamp fields with call pickup function, please make the following configuration:

(Example configuration done with COMfortel 1400 IP)

  1. Set up your cloud telephone system as a new PBX under “Providers & PBXs” („Anbieter & TK-Anlagen“):

  2. Via the “Numbers” („Nummern“) tab, enter “*8” as the keypad sequence for pick-up.:

  3. Via the main menu “Apps” select the submenu “Function keys” („Funktionstasten“) and select the function “Pick-up” for the key of your choice:

  4. Now enter the quick dial number of the extension whose status you see as BLF and whose calls you want to “pick up” as the “Pick-up destination” ( „Pick-up Ziel“):


You define the corresponding quick dial in the settings for the extension in your Cloud Telefonanlage.