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How do I add extensions or on-call groups in my Cloud Telefonanlage?

In the following article, we will explain the set up for an extension or on-call groups in the Cloud Telefonanlage.

To set an extension or an on-call group, please follow these steps in your customer portal

1. Click “Cloud Telefonanlage”.

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2. You get to the interface of your Cloud Telefonanlage. Please click “Add” next to “extensions and on-call groups”:

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3.Set up your extension:

Set basic settings like name for extension to add.

a. Please enter a name for the extensions via “Basic settings”. A meaningful name selection helps you to use the search function in the overview for many extensions profitably.

b. Via “Extension type” you can specify whether you want to use the extension for calls, for Fax2Mail or as a conference room.

c. Under “Number Mode” you can set whether this extension is an extension for a number block or whether calls are to be answered from an individual number.

d. Via “Incoming telephony”, select the phone number or the block of phone numbers (trunk) for the incoming calls.

e. For phone number blocks you assign the extension, which is usually also used for direct dialing.

f. Do you want missed calls to be displayed to you? Then set a checkmark for “Yes”.

g. You can now also configure the voicemail or call forwarding for this newly created extension.

h. Here you can configure, activate and deactivate the night shift.

i. Store your contact data in case you want to be notified when a call is forwarded. However, this is not absolutely necessary for setting up the extension.

j. Assign the devices on which you want to use them to the extension. As long as you only add one device, it is an extension. If there are several devices, the extension becomes a call group. If you have not yet configured any mobile devices, you are forwarded directly to the configuration of the first mobile device after saving.

4. Click “save”. Your new added extension or on-call group is listed in “extensions and on-call groups”.