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How can I use my IP phone, VoIP-ATA or softphone with the Cloud Telefonanlage?

In the following articel, we explain how to use your IP phone, VoIP ATA or softphone with your easybell Cloud Telefonanlage.

To use an IP phone, VoIP ATA or a softphone in your Cloud Telefonanlage, please check the following steps:

1. Click “Cloud Telefonanlage”.

Ip Telefon 1

2. You get to the overview of your Cloud Telefonanlage. Please click “Add” next to “Devices”. Notice: You can only add a device if you’ve already set up an extension.

Ip Telefon 2

3. Now an overview called “Add devices” appears. Now you can set up your phone:

a. Basic settings

  • Name: name your device (This is a mandatory field. Our example: “Frau Müller”)
  • Type of device: Type of device, choose “IP phone / VoIP ATA”.

Ip Telefon 3

b. Incoming calls:

  • “extensions/on-call groups income”: Click the little cog symbol to assign extensions income. 

Ip Telefon 5

Another window opens in which you can assign the available extensions to your device by mouse click. To select, you can quickly find the extensions/on-call groups via the filter function. 

Ip Telefon 6

Do not forget to click on "Save"! You will then be automatically returned to the "Edit device". Here you will now see that the number of extensions has changed depending on how many extensions you have assigned to your device:

Ip Telefon 7


c. Outgoing telephony

  • Outgoing calls via: Decide which extension shall be used for outgoing calls with this device via drop down menu.
  • Internal name display: Choose a name for your telephone, which will be displayed internally. If you don’t name this number, the dialed number will be displayed for outgoing calls.
  • Phone number restricted: Activate or deactivate the Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR).

Ip Telefon 4


d. Login information: Here you can find your login information you need to enter to your IP phone, softphone or VOIP-ATA. If you need help you can click here for some guidance. Use the copy symbol to copy SIP data to the clipboard (to avoid empty spaces during the copy process). You can change the SIP password by clicking the cog next to the copy symbol. 


4. Click “Save”. You will now lead back to the main overview. You can find your new device in the list.