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How can I change the tariff of my Cloud PBX?

Do you need more or less extensions and terminals than you thought? In the following, we will explain how you can adjust the tariff of your cloud telephone system independently.

Tariff changes in the cloud telephone system are always free of charge.

If you want to change your SIP trunk or your minute packages, you will find the right instructions here.

Automatic change

You will automatically be offered a tariff change if you try to create more extensions or devices than are included in your tariff. You will then be able to use more devices and extensions in the current month, but will only pay the new price from the following month. This tariff change only works if you change to a larger tariff.

Manual change

To switch to a smaller tariff or manually to a larger tariff, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the easybell customer portal.

  2. Click on “Cloud Telefonanlage”.

    Bild 1

  3. Click now on “Advanced Settings”.

    Tarif 2

  4. Now on “Tariff change”.
    Tarif Change 3
  5. Now click on "Adjust your plan" to adjust the maximum number of extensions and devices that can be used via your cloud PBX.
    Tarif 4
  6. The system displays an overview of the possible rate options that you can switch to. Select the desired tariff. For our example, we have decided to switch from the current product “Cloud Telefonanlage 25” to “Cloud Telefonanlage 10”.
    Englisch Tarif Screen 2
  7. Click on “Choose”.
  8. The tariff information for the desired new tariff appears again. If you click on “Order for a fee”, your tariff will be changed for you immediately.
  9. You are automatically returned to the overview page of your cloud telephone system. Once you have placed your order, you will immediately receive order information to your email address.