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Reliable VDSL connections, guaranteed speed

Worldwide availability and free tariff change

With the business customer ratesOffice Complete Cloud and Office Complete Trunk we make your DSL connections flexible and secure. With our complete offer, you always have the fastest VDSL at your company location. Don't worry if VDSL 100 is not yet available at your location. We first switch 50 or 25 Mbps. Should the vectoring expansion then be carried out at your site, we will of course speed up your connection. If you opt for a VDSL connection, you pay only 39.95 €/month* for the entry tariffs. With the Business Premium Service Package*, you also receive a fixed IP in your VDSL business customer tariff.

ADSL variants are also possible if VDSL is not available. Either we can switch ADLS2+ Annex B from 29.95 per month* or ADSL2+ Annex J from 34.95 €* per month. Switching to VDSL at a later date is of course possible and then free of charge for you.

In any case, we guarantee you the speed promised before conclusion of the contract. Learn more about our easybell bandwidth guarantee.

Optional Cloud Telephone System

Complete telephony solution for your company

With the cloud telephone system hosted in the easybell computer centre, you make your local telephone system superfluous. It is intuitive and easy to set up and can be cancelled monthly. Our new cloud telephone system can be optionally booked by existing customers in the customer portal or ordered by new customers on our homepage.

You decide how many extensions and end devices you need. This selection is staggered according to the following conditions:

Cloud telephone system 10: 
10 extensions and 10 devices, 30 days free trial, then 9.95 €/month

Cloud telephone system 25:
25 extensions and 25 devices, 30 days free trial, afterwards 19,95 €/month

Cloud telephone system 50: 
50 extensions and 50 devices, 30 days free trial, afterwards 29,95 €/month

If you need more capacity, you can book it for 10 €/month for 25 extensions and 25 devices each.

Lower costs for your business calls

Save with interesting flatrates or inexpensive minute packages

Call even cheaper with easybell. In the Complete Office Cloud, you save thanks to the fixed network flat rate, which is included in this rate. Optionally, you can use the mobile flat rate for €5 per month per line to make free calls to the German mobile network. Do you make a lot of calls abroad? Then the international flat rate to 40 countries for only €2.50 per month per line is just the right option for you.

Office Komplett Trunk, on the other hand, shines with the included Fair Flat S. With this minute package you can call 1000 free minutes to the German landline network and 200 free minutes to the German mobile network free of charge. This is much cheaper than booking flat rates per extension. And: For an extra charge, you can also book larger minute packages:

  • Fair Flat M with 2500 minutes to the German fixed network and 500 minutes to the German mobile network for 20 € per month or
  • Fair Flat L with 5000 minutes to the German fixed network and 2000 minutes to the German mobile network for 50 € per month.

The cheap Fair Flats apply to all active numbers, lines and extensions of the desired tariff.

Uninterrupted connection acceptance

Convenient porting options

easybell enables you to take over connections without interruption. Individual telephone numbers or blocks of telephone numbers can be easily and conveniently ported to easybell or reordered. Click here to find out how porting works at easybell.

Excellent support around the clock

Optional premium offer for even more service

Our customer service has already been awarded the best mark in numerous tests. You want even more service? No problem! For only 5 € extra charge per month you enjoy 24/7 support without cutbacks and express fault clearance on weekdays within eight hours.

VDSL offers at a glance

Find the tariff that suits you

Still locked down? Here you will find all the important details about our two VDSL tariffs for business customers at a glance:

Office Complete Cloud

Internet and telephone connection with telephone system from 39.95 €/month*.

  • VDSL up to 100 Mbps
  • telephone connection: Cloud telephone system
  • 10 extensions and 2 parallel calls included
  • up to 30 parallel calls optional
  • Landline flat rate included, mobile flat rate and flat rate to 40 countries optional

Office Complete Trunk

Internet and telephone connection for your own telephone system from 39.95 €/month*.

  • VDSL up to 100 Mbps
  • telephone connection: Direct dial SIP Trunk
  • 10 parallel calls included
  • up to 30 parallel calls optional
  • Minute packages to fixed and mobile networks included

Convincing conditions at a high level

Familiar transparency without minimum contract term

We also remain true to our usual tariff policy for business customer tariffs. This includes the complete repertoire of the easybell product range:

  • VDSL without throttling
  • real internet flatrates
  • uninterrupted connection transfer
  • easybell fraud protection guarantee
  • fallback solutions
  • transparent legal notices
  • no minimum contract term

You are also welcome to download the product flyers for our business customer VDSL tariffs as PDF files:
Office Komplett Cloud 
Office Komplett Trunk

If you still have questions about our products, please contact our support at or use the comment function below this article.