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Created for the specific needs of young companies

Flexible, scalable, without minimum contract term

More than ten years ago, easybell itself entered the market as a start-up. From this time, we know exactly what young, fast-growing companies need. That's why we know that internal and external communication must be as flexible as the work processes that support it. The easybell business tariffs stand for exactly this - whether complete or telephony solutions. They are flexible, scalable, captivate with simple setup and have no minimum contract term.

The Cloud Telephone System

Scalable enterprise telephony for startups

The cloud telephone system is a fully-fledged virtual telephone system that is administered via the web browser. This means you get all the features of a local PBX without the high cost of ownership, complicated setup and maintenance of a local solution.

It is scalable from 10 to 50 extensions, which can be integrated location-independently. So your employees can also be reached in the café or from home using their usual extension number. Should your company ever move, simply take the cloud telephone system with you. All you need is Internet access.

If your company grows, you can add phone number blocks at any time - without any additional monthly costs.

Office Complete Cloud

Business DSL and telephony from a single source

With Office Complete Cloud you combine a professional DSL connection with up to 100Mbit/s with the advantages of a cloud telephone system. With the Annex-J option you can speed up your upload. You need a static IP and a 24h fault hotline? No problem with our premium service for business customers.

Take advantage of the opportunity to receive your complete corporate communications from a single source - as always, without a minimum contract term.

High functionality and safety

For permanent availability and high data security

Whether Office Complete Cloud or the Cloud telephone system - both products offer you and your employees the familiar telephony functions of local telephone systems. Whether call switching, call pickup or busy lamp field (depending on the device) via the telephone - call groups, working-day limit switches, detailed blocking lists via the web browser. All functions are user-friendly. You can also use the AMI interface of the Cloud PBX to use the TAPI function of your Windows computer.


The telephony of both solutions is hosted on dedicated VM servers in Germany, which makes them more secure than other telephone systems.

easybell Business Solutions for Startups

Order now!

Choose Office Complete Cloud or the Cloud Telephone System now and get products that adapt to your needs without the risk of a long contract period. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support on 030 8095 1050.