Deutsche Telekom will shutdown all ISDN lines until 2018 and switch to IP-based landline.

Youʼll need a professional and reliable provider, who knows how to work with VoIP in landlines. Donʼt wait, until itʼs too late. Switch now to the VoIP and SIP trunking offers of easybell.

No matter, if youʼve got a private household or a company – with our various functions of our IP-based lines, you won't miss the old ISDN technology.

The advantages of our technology compared to ISDN:

  • Nomadic use: Use your phone line from every broadband connection in the world.
  • HD telephony: Call in a previously unknown, crystal clear quality in sound.
  • Comfortable online services: Forget the complicated commands via your phone keypad. With easybell, you can simply set up functions in your browser, e.g. call forwarding settings.
  • Numerous additional functions: Get you conference rooms for free, extensive blocking lists, online fax functions and many more without additional costs.

If youʼve got any questions to our VoIP plans, please contact us. Weʼre glad to help you prepare for a future without ISDN.

Author: Julia Jünger
Last edited on: 18. May 2021