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Additional prices for business DSL-product

Additional fees in general

Migration from ADSL to VDSL free of charge
Express debugging w/o Premium Service 99€

Cancellation costs

Costs due to customer induced premature cancellation of the DSL contract or change of technology

Reason for ending the contract Note Fees
Cancelation within the revocation period If the activation hasn’t already done due to customer’s wish for free
Cancelation without a confirmed date Equals 50 percent of the usual activation fee 24.98€
Cancelation with a confirmed date up to three days before the date Equals 75 percent of the usual activation fee 37.46€
Cancelation in less than three days before the date Equals to 100 percent of the usual activation fee* 49.95€
Extra costs caused by the cancelation with an already sent router For handling, package and sending 15.00€

All prices excluding statutory VAT.

The calculation “X percent of the activation fee” is based on the standard offer of 49.95€. These costs are calculated in special offers without activation fee as well.

The customer reserves the right for the proof of a less damage.

Working days are Mon-Fri, as there are no switching on Saturdays.